LINE Popcorn Buzz APK, Group calling upto 200 people

LINE Popcorn Buzz

Line Corporation has launched a new group calling app for Android Smartphones, named Popcorn Buzz. The application will soon be available for iOS as well. Popcorn Buzz is a free application which allows registered users to simultaneously communicate with a group of up to 200 participants. This is surely a big step in innovation of communication technology.

The application can be used to catch up with friends, family, class mates and it can also be used for business purposes, ditching the costly business class conference calling services. So basically it can be used free of cost for personal as well as business use.

All you have to do is select a username and upload a profile picture. Once you are done with setting up your account you can create a group and send the URL of the group which is unique for every group via email, text message or any other means. Also if you already have an account on Line you can directly log in to Popcorn Buzz and sync with friends already using the app and make group calls with friends.

Features of Line Popcorn Buzz for Android:

  • Group calling for free – Now you speak with 200 people at the same time.
  • Check who is Online and Speaking – Now you can find out which friends are online and speaking on group calls easily by the green dots which tells you about the same.
  • Send Invitations Easily – Now you can invite your friends by just sending the URL. Also you can invite your Line contacts when you log in from Line.
  • The Android app will soon come with an update with amazing features like group video calling and inter connectivity with other groups and many more

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