Nanu APK and make Free Worldwide calls to Mobiles and Landlines

Nanu is the communications app that allow the nanu users to call others for free. Nanu is a great app which works similarly like the Viber, Skype but gives you the feasibilty of making voice calls over the 2G EDGE network as well. You can not only call nanu users for free but also to the non-nanu users and telephone landline users as well for some free limited minutes.

Nanu app when compared to other competitors offers a great feature which is yet not available by other apps. Nanu gives you calls on 2G EDGE connection when compared to Skype and Viber like apps. Nanu provides us free calls because it gives you banner ads when you make call through Nanu app. This advertisers pay nanu its fee and thus Nanu gives free calls.

Nanu promised 15 minutes to first 1 million users who wants to make calls to non-nanu users. The non-nanu calls are limited to only 41 countries as if now. The credit buying facility is not yet started but it will soon be available. Nanu app is available for Android platform as if yet but soon it will be available for iOS and Windows Phone too.

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