Telegram Messaging App for Nokia Symbian Mobiles

Telegram is the new Messaging app for Mobile clients and could be called as the best Competitor and Alternative for WhatsApp, WeChat and more such similar applications. In terms of few features and services, Telegram seems far better than all other as it is much faster in sending messages, offers your secret chat, allows you upto 1GB file transfer right from the app, allows you to make a group of upto 200 people, you can send office Documents, and many more including doc, zip, mp3, etc.

Telegram also offers cloud-based and heavily encrypted services due to which you can access all your conversations from any smartphone, tablet or even with computer. That’s right, Telegram is also available for Desktop computers. All your messages gets synced from the cloud so that you can access it from any device you login. As of now Telegram messenger is available only for iOS and Android officially, but if you are having Nokia mobiles including S40, S60 or any other except Windows Phone, you can download Telegram from here right away in one click from this page.

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