7554 Save Game and Trainer

7554 is first-person shooter game which is developed by Vietnamese gamers of Emobi Games and distributed as well. Game is all about the war which occurred between Franco-Vietnamese war and player will be playing role in the war as a Viet Minh soldier. Game play is simple like of Call of Duty and you can sit, crouch and walk but you cannot move and shoot at the same time and also player can just carry two fire arms with him while playing games. Player can also pick the fallen weapons from the dead enemies. If you are hurt in the game then your health will be shown on display, your display will turn red and all you can hear will be your heart beat which means your health is really low, in this case you will have to find place to hide and relax to regain your health to get fit to play the game forward.

You will be guided by other players but you cannot give command to them. You can download this game and also you can download the save game file for this game from below provided link. Save game helps us to save the game and allow us to resume game from same place, from where it was last stopped. Get the save game file for this game and get going with this game.