X-Com Save Game and Trainer

X-Com games is turn-based action and strategy oriented games developed by Firaxis games and this same developers have made famous Civilization game. Game is all about the extra-terrestrial enemy who came from UFO and here the game start with great tension and so in pressure you have to apply your skills and play the game tactically. X-Com previous version was so successful that it achieved 20 awards for the best tactic and strategy games. World is threatened by aliens and the government has reunited and made a special force called X-Com and player will be the commander of X-Com force and you have to command others to eliminate aliens and get the rule back from them.

Your role will be managing global defense unit and making operational base, researching alien technologies, planning missions and movement of your unit in the battle. For save game file of this game please refer to the link provided below and get the respective save game file for your favorite X-Com game.

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