AC Syndicate Seq 5 Save Game – End of the Line

AC Syndicate Seq Saves3

This is the final Save Game of Sequence 5 from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Completed using both Eve and Jacob, this is ‘End of the Line’ save game with 100% Objective Completed. I guess this is the best file for you to jump directly to the Sequence 6. To download the file, simply enter password mentioned in the File description (TechDisc) and click the Download button. That’s all required to get the files directly on your desktop from this website. Unlike others who keep you busy for hours in complete never ending annoying surveys.

Download the Save Game now and don’t forget to share us with your friends. Enjoy the Game !

Assassin’s Creed SyndicateSequence 5
MissionEnd of the Line (100% Objective Completed)
CharacterJacob Frye
FileSave Game
File TypeWinRar
File Size58kb
Download PasswordTechDisc

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