Confrontation Save Game and Trainer

Confrontation is set in the fantasy universe of Aarklash and is a tactical role playing game developed by Cyanide and based on Rackham’s miniatures game. Player will be the part of the troop of soldier who is known as Akkylannian fighters and player will have to seek out the reason and destroy the source of the threat cause by Alchemists of Dirz. Game is intended to make the fight look like same of Baldur’s Gate heroic tactical combat battle. To make a party which is made up of 4 characters, this is chosen by the player among 12 available classes. Various combinations can be made to get success in the mission. Main feature of this game is while in combat you can pause the game and command to your party and troops for the better success and complete of mission.

There are four powerful factions who are introduced in this game and they are as follows. Griffin : Griffins of Akkylannie, Scorpion: Alchemists of Dirz, Jackal: Orcs of Bran-Ô-Kor, Wolf : Wolfen of Yllia you will encounter all this major characters in this game. You can download save game file from link which is provided below. Save game file will be useful in saving your progress and it will also help you in resuming game from level last stopped.

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