Ridge Racer: Unbounded Save Game and Trainer

Ridge Racer is racer game and you can just make out this from name itself. Game is developed and published by Namco Bandai Games and Bugbear Entertainment and unlike other Ridge Racer you will be provided many features in this game such as ability to design, share tracks and emphasis on crashing and also finding shortcuts. Game is racing and that too street racing and all you have to care of nothing in this game just race and tear the traffic and obstacles in between and get going in the race. Player will have to win the race and prove himself for superiority in speed and skills.

There is a team which is lead by Japanese Hashiriya master and the team lead by him is very skill full and mysterious. It is set in the fictional city called Shatter Bay and The Unbounded is special activity in the racing world at Shatter Bay. To get the save game file for this game just visit to the link provided below and get save game file and save your game. You don’t have to play the game from beginning every time, just load the save game file and resume your game.

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