Cry Of Fear Save Game

Cry of Fear, the amazing masterpiece which is an extension of the original half life 1 with a lot of modifications. The cry of Fear game inculcates a great story line, amazing graphics, atmospheres to keep you in the game, Sounds to thrill you and a lot more. The game would test your bravery as it has a lot of horrors in it. The cry of fear game sees some of the malicious creatures you might never have met with. Fight through the creatures and other terror malformed in the place depicted in the game. The game is packed with some advanced cut scenes moreover it is a alteration of the half life with some new gaming styles involved in it. The game can be played in a single player mode or even as a part co-op campaign. The cry of Fear is already released on 24th April 2013. You can grab this horror from the official web site itself.

Once you start playing you would of course need the saves game files to avoid the trauma of starting over and over again. Download the saves games file from this site and save them in your PC. Once you are done with it, you would be able to continue to the game from the place you have last stopped. Save game file saves the progress in the game and it will resume the game from the level you’ve last stopped.

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