Gunpoint Demo

Gunpoint is Developed by Tom Francis is a puzzle game for those who love giving there brain some pressure and find your way out to the next levels. The player takes the role of a smart intelligent spy breaking in a high security building. You have to use a number of plots, tricks, make a few face punches and play with the electronics to disrupt it. The game is quite tricky but also fun filled. The story line, themes used, music and everything is quiet nicely designed. Many updates would be available for this game to make the game more interesting. As of now third patch is already released. The game is right now available for PC. It would soon come up for Mac and Linux versions too. So start playing the gunpoint use your witty ideas, break the security systems, fool the security and pass through different levels. This puzzle genre keeps you engaged and is really nice one and must play game.

The save game file for Gun point can be downloaded from the link given below. Get the save game file and kick start with the puzzle. You need not start from the initial stage just Continue from where you have stopped last time.