Dead Rising 3 Save Game

Dead Rising 3 is the open world action survival horror game which is developed by Capcom Vancouver and is published by Microsoft Studios. This game is available for Microsoft’s Windows and Xbox One. It was launched on September this for both Xbox One and Windows. It is still connected to the previous version of Dead Rising. Now we have a new protagonist named Nick Ramos who will be playing as third person.

This game is now much larger than the original Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 when compared to the open world environment. There is a nightmare mode on the game for giving you the old method of saving game but right now with the 3rd installment, Capcom gave us a feature where we can save the game anywhere and we don’t need to find a toilet again. To enjoy your game in more advance way, you can download the save game for your computer where there will be more things available right off to you.

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