Metro 2033 Redux Save Game

Metro 2033 Redux is the enhanced version for your favorite game Metro 2033 which was announced back in the year 2010. It is a survival horror first person shooter game and it is published by 4A Games in Ukraine and is published by DeepSilver. As everybody knows the game is based on the novel Metro and the whole game is based inside the Moscow city. It is developed by 4A Games with more of the physics, lighting, dynamic weather effects.

Some people suggest the game is a bit tricky to complete but there’s always a way of playing game. Still we have the save game for Metro 2033 Redux in which you will find the missions are unlocked. This makes it easy because you get the advanced weapons and ammos with it so that it would become a bit easy to play around. Here is the download link for your game and enjoy with the save game.

Metro 2033 Redux Save Game[wpdm_file id=363 template=”bluebox ” ]