Dead Space 3 Save Game and Trainer

Visceral games have introduced the Dead space 3 for the gamers who have dedicatedly played and enjoyed the dead space sequel till now. Dead space 3 was released this February with some of the best graphics, sounds and features. The game is based on the protagonist Isaac Clarke and new co-op character Sgt. John Carver fighting against the Necromorphs. The game involves fighting the fierce and scary corpses and projects cool player’s suit, weapons, timer etc. Those who have played the earlier series would know that it starts from the frozen planet and Necromorphs is there right from the beginning. Dead space 3 has come up with some new enemies, more frightening and powerful, new weapons and few new up gradations as well. Dead Space 3 has come up with the drop-in/drop-out online co-op mode for its crusade where in you can play along with a friend or alone as the Isaac Clarke character. The Dead space 3 has a unique story in each mode and excites its players with some special effects in the game.

The game can be availed from the official site itself. You can now also download the save games software for The dead space 3 from this site. It would help you to save your game. This means you can resume your game from the place you had ended last time. Moreover it lets you proceed through the game speedily and explore more of the dead space involving some creepy and horror creatures.

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