DMC Devil May Cry Save Game and Trainer

The Devil May Cry released this January 2013, developed by ninja theory is loved by all those who have tried them once. The DMC is really cool game based on the split personality of Dante, The lead person of the game, who is stuck between the two worlds of angel and demon. Dante has the ability to recall abilities of both angel and demon at will and transform the revolting sword to give a dramatic affect. The graphics of the games are really cool and involves dark and vicious game play to boost your experience. The players take the place of Dante and can switch between the tow mode – angel and devil by holding down the trigger buttons. The swords or weapons used; in either mode has its own features and powers. Keep playing and gather as much power as you can and then activate the devil trigger mode to make stronger attacks and destroy the enemies. To replenish the health keep collecting variety of souls and upgrade as you go through the game. The costume pack containing the outfit of Dante is already released which include the “Dark Dante” outfit and a “Neo Dante” outfit.

Enjoy the game and try this one out as it’s really a cool one. It is available for the PS3, Xbox 360 and windows. The save game for this game is now made available for you to continue with the game without having to play the same stage over and over again. Proceed through the game and discover new stage and strategies using the save game that you can easily download from this site. Save game would help you to find more and save your game and continue from where you have stopped the game last.

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