Deponia Save Game

The first of a intended trilogy, Deponia is a point-and-click escapade game that follows Rufus. Core game play is focused about 2.5D levels of diverging sizes, in which the player must communicate or interrelate  with objects in a variety of diverse ways, including picking up smaller items, starting machines and putting together all objects, all in the hunt of solving puzzles to further advance in the next level. Story line of this game is just superb as Rufus, an narcissistic outcast whose vision of leaving the waste planet of Deponia and reaching the shining world above of Elysium has made him the exile and resident jerk of his hometown; however, when his latest effort results in an mysterious yet stunning Elysian girl called Goal falling down in Deponia, Rufus sees his possibility to make his dream come true, uninformed that he’s about to lunge into an adventure that might not only decide the fate of a world and tie him and Goal’s fortunes jointly, but end up changing himself eternally. Game is really superb and now you can also have save game file download for this game, which is just a click away. You can click to the link provided below and get your save game file download easily in sometime depending upon your connection of internet.

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