Hitman Sniper Challenge Save Game

In Sniper Challenge, players take the task of Agent 47, who sets up in a building overlooking one where a rant is taking place, in which strong and his guards are situated. The character is equipped with a silenced bolt action sniper rifle, which is the only accessible weapon in the game. The player collects points by slaughtering targets. As point is earned, advancement is tracked, and upgrades for the sniper rifle are unlocked, including a magazine size extension for increasing the fire cycle of the sniper. The surroundings of the game include destructible things which can be shot to indirectly kill targets; for example, shooting a lift with barrels will squash a target with them. All editions include achievements, such as gun firing a set figure of Gnomes or Pigeons hidden around the level. At the end of the game, the score of the player is uploaded to a global leader board. The two top most ranking players will be arranged a trip to Copenhagen, Denmark, to visit the IO Interactive development team.

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