Download Lost Planet 3 Trainer

Developed by Capcom Lost Planet 3 is the third sequel of one of the best and favourite game series Lost Planet. It is a First person Action packed game launched today for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 consoles. The new story of Lost Planet 3 tells us some hidden truths about the Fearful Planet which puts us as the player in harsher situation then ever before. With this new episode gamers can enjoy the game in single player as well as Multiplayer combats. Copcam has really worked hard on the gameplay and it show up very clear. With Lost Planet 3 you can now also carry on-foot battles. Quite interesting. To make the game play more enjoyable, you can use the cheats as well provided below, only if you want. This is a game trainer that offers several new stuffs which will help you through out the game. Stuffs like unlimited health, unlimited ammo, no reload, super speed, etc etc. if you want you can download the same from below.

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