Download Sniper Elite 3 PC Save Games

Sniper Elite is a very well know Sniping First-Person  Shooter action game around the globe developed by Rebellion. They have recently released the third installment of this game series named as Sniper Elite 3. First two installments were really amazing and trust me when i say, Elite 3 is much much better and interesting than those two. In this game we can now even take long ranged shots with customizable weapons. The best part of this series is its X-Ray kill-cam which is now improved and enhanced with better graphic details and that adds more fun in the gameplay.

Earlier we posted the +8 trainer for Sniper Elite 3 and now here is the 100% completed save game. You can download the saves from this page in just one single click. Installation is quite easy. Just download, extract the files on your desktop. Backup your original save files at safe place and then copy the downloaded files at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Sniper3\PC_ProfileSav es\<numbers>\. That’s it. You are done. If you got some problem with these save games, feel free to comment us below. We are Happy to Help !

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