Valiant Hearts The Great War Save Game PC

Developed by Ubisoft Valiant Hearts The Great War is the new 2D Puzzle adventure game released recently for PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. The game story is set during World War One combining five different crossed destinies and a broken love. All these 5 personalities are from different countries by love the same girl. Gameplay is made quite interesting with their progress towards their destiny in the battlefield. All they have to take care is Friendship, love, sacrifice as well as tragedy. If you are playing Valiant Hearts The Great War on your PC and got stuck somewhere, dont worry. Here is the 100% completed save game. You can download it from here and move ahead in the game, to your destiny. Always make sure to backup your original save files before replacing it with this downloaded one, to be on safer side. Use the comments box below if you need any more help with this save game.

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