Murdered Soul Suspect Save Game Download

Murdered Suspect Soul is an adventure game for PC developed by Airtight Games and released by Square Enix. As it’s name suggest, it is bit kind of horror game where we, as the lead role, are already murdered. Playing as Ronan O’Connor, who was a detective before getting murdered, investigates his own murder mystery. While investigation, we need to fight with demons to discover the truth or our soul will never rest. The story is really interesting because of the thrillers we come across. If you are playing Murdered Soul Suspect on your computer and got stuck somewhere in gameplay, dont need to worry anymore. Here is the100% completed save game file for the same which you can use and progress ahead in the game. Just download the save file from here, and extract it to your save game location, which should be C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\SKIDROW\233290storage. Note, that the save location may differ according to your game version.

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