Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition Save Game

Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition is the open world action adventure game and it is developed by the United Front games and Square Enix and it also published by the Square Enix and Bandai Namco Games. This game has different combat styles like the shooting, fighting and even doing parkour to catch or run from the enemy. This game is made for Microsoft’s Windows, Xbox One, Sony PS4. The graphics has been improved and has much better textures then compared to the original game which was launched in 2012. The protagonist Shen Wei is a Chinese-American Police officer who is undercover and trying to infiltrate the Triad gang members along with the Sun On Yee.

The save game file for this game is available below to download and you can use it to reach the level where you weren’t or if you have some corrupted data on the game file then you can use the save game to continue the game instead of playing it from the beginning. You would also get many stuffs already unlocked and don’t have to unlock the skills or abilities. Below is the file available for download.

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