The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Save game download

Just a day after movie release, Activision launched the Amazing Spider-Man 2 game for PC and other gaming consoles. Game’s story is based on the Movie itself with villains like Electro Man, etc. It is the direct sequel to the first game title which was launched about a year ago and it did really well in the market. The game is based in New York City offering you free-roaming web-slinging experience. Along with much improved and stunning Graphics compared to earlier title, the gameplay is also quite interesting with Action packed attacks. Now, if you are playing  Amazing Spider-Man 2 on your PC now a days, i’ve got something useful for you. Earlier we posted a Game trainer and today this is a 100% completed Save game for Amazing Spider-Man 2 pc version. If you are stuck somewhere, no need to worry. Simply download the save game from here, replace it with your save and move ahead. make sure your first backup your original save file before replacing, for safer side. Let me if you need any help regarding this save.

Amazing Spider-Man 2 save game[wpdm_file id=336 template=”bluebox ” ]