The dark eye chains of satinav Save Game

From the German developer Daedalic Entertainment and publisher Deep Silver they present you with ‘The Dark Eye: Chains of Saitnav’ which is a point and click adventure game located in dream world of Aventuria. A murder of crows surrounds the castle of Andergast and the king of castle had employed a young bird-catcher named Geron. Task of Geron will not be simple as darkness prowls. The game is a typical point-and- click adventure with a few recent comfort functions. With the right mouse button the player can inspect objects in their environs. The left mouse button is for all communications in the game world and is situation sensitive.

With the mouse wheel the player can roll through their stocks. Some of the comfort functions are the highlighting of hotspots by pressing the space bar, you can leave the area directly by clicking double click of the left mouse and comfort functions provided in the game are optional so you can just switch it off or on from the game menu according to your choice. For save game file download you can just click to the link provided below and get the save game file within a couple of minutes. It will help you to save game and retrieve the game where last stopped.

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