The Secret World Save Game

The Secret World is online multiplayer game which is based on survival horror theme and this game is developed by Funcom and published by Electronic Arts. In this game players are provided with unique features like they can change their class any time with the help of ability wheel, but not in every situation. You cannot change your class during combat, it is very good feature provided as player will be playing their liking class which is very good feature in this game as other traditional MMo’s only provide you to create character and class at the beginning of the game and hence you will have to carry that character throughout the game. Player are free to get any weapons such as guns, sword and fist weapons. Varieties of missions have been introduced like you can play on quest story line, main mission and dungeon mission.

Apart from this there are side quests and 3 side quests which are public and mainly fetch and hunting quests. This game is also filled with puzzles, Investigation missions and also with Sabotage missions are best done through stealth by sneaking past enemies and hacking security systems. Exploring all this situations will lead to play this game for 3 to 4 days so you should definitely download save game file for your game. To download save game file you can just click to the link provided below and get the save game file for this game easily.

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