Android L Keyboard for any Android phone

Android L Keyboard with Material Design APK

As we all know ‘Android L’ is probably the next version of Android operating system. According to experts, this ‘L’ may stand for ‘Lollipop’. Google revealed some info about this Android L in the recent I/O conference. It is but obvious that the new Android version will be power packed with several new features, among which one is called Material Design. If you know what is it, let me tell you that Material design is a comprehensive guide for visual, motion, and interaction design for all mobile platforms and devices. Couple of days ago Google released the Android L Developer preview to developer’s testing. And just after it, what we got is Android L keyboard with Material design for all Android mobile.

Yes, that is correct. An XDA member has already ported the new Material Design keyboard for other Android phones as well. But he released the same in flashable file which required a Rooted phone and you need to flash the app from recovery menu. But dont worry, there is no need to go with such a long and hectic process. There is one more guy named Shen Ye who has ported the keyboard in an APK format which is just like other applications you install. No need to root the phone, no need to go to recovery menu. You can simply download the APK and install it on your phone like other apps. OR, you can simply download Android L Material keyboard officially from Play Store directly to your device.

After installation you need to make some small settings. Go to Settings Panel, open Language $ Input settings and enable Android L Keyboard. Now tap on Advance Settings , tap Color Scheme and select ‘Material’. That’s it. Now open Whatsapp, hangout or any other app where you need to type, you will see all new Android L keyboard in action.

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