Download Google Gboard keyboard for iPhone and iPad

Download Gboard

Every Internet user has to come across Google somehow somewhere everyday. They known very weel how to keep users engaged with their services and products, after all they are worth, coz they make our lives easier and faster too, i guess. So they keep rolling out some new apps time to time, for example, earlier today we saw ‘YouTube Native Sharing‘, and now here’s something very interesting called ‘Gboard Keyboard’.

As its name suggests, Gboard is the Google’s new keyboard that makes your typing and search more comfortable by combining them in one. Got it, nope? Well, you now don’t need to switch apps for searching anything while typing. The keyboard lets you search right there when you type. Take a look at this video to understand how it works.

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Isn’t that great? Indeed. Now you can search address, solve maths queries, get flight details and send them right from your keyboard app. No need to switch apps. It also lets you search and send GIFs, emojis and lots more. Along with that, the Gboard support swipe typing too for faster typing. There’s lots more to do.

Google’s Gboard is only available in US as of now and that too for only iOS (iPhone and iPad) users. Surely, it will be expanded to other regions and for other platforms too including Android, as well as Windows probably. So, if you are an iOS user, go ahead, click the download URL and get the Gboard installed on your iPhone or iPad.

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