Sniper Elite 3 Trainer

Finally we are in the era of third installment of Sniper Elite. Developed by Rebellion Sniper Elite 3 is one of the most popular sniping game released yesterday for PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. This is a First-Person  Shooter game with much better gameplay and graphics compared to its first installment which was released back in 2005 and followed by its second installment in 2012. Talking about Sniper Elite 3, we as the lead player are put into shoes of American OSS agent Karl Fairburne to help intelligence Allied forces and provide them sharpshooter skills. All this happens with provided assignment in World War 2 in North Africa.

As per gameplay, you already know what makes Sniper Elite series so interesting. In this third installment also we get non-linear gameplay all around North African terrain. An of course, dont forget the infamous X-Ray kill-cam. It is back again in Sniper Elite 3. If you are playing this game on PC, i got you something interesting and helpful. This is +5 Trainer for Sniper Elite 3 that offers you Inf. Health, Inf. Ammo, Inf. Gadget, Inf. Focus and No Reload. You can download the trainer in just one click from this page. For installation, you simply need to launch the trainer first and then launch the game. That’s it. Enjoy !

Sniper Elite 3 trainer[wpdm_file id=349 template=”bluebox ” ]