Download Official WhatsApp App for Windows and Mac PC

WhatsApp for PC

We have been waiting for this since long time. WhatsApp’s native Apps for Desktop computers are now officially available. Earlier we tried so many PC Emulators to run WhatsApp on our Windows or Mac computers. But no more now. WhatsApp has now officially launched desktop apps for your computers. Just download, Run the app and start messaging. It doesn’t even requires installation.

WhatsApp for PCs is very similar to the WhatsApp Web with few UI tweaks. Though you dont need a Web browser to run WhatsApp, but you still you need to Scan the barcode to start it. Hence, you must have WhatsApp running and connected on your smartphone or tablets.

WhatsApp for PC offers you all features of Mobile and WhatsApp Web, except for the calling. It also has Desktop notifications so that you wont miss any new message. You must have Windows 8+ or Mac OS 10.9+ to run this native app on your computer. You can download the native apps for your Windows (32 or 64 bit) or for Mac OS in one click from the links provided below or get it from official website.

WhatsApp for PCWhatsApp for Windows 32 | WhatsApp for Windows 64 | WhatsApp for Mac OS