Download Asphalt Overdrive for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone

The developer Gameloft has released the new game in their racing series Asphalt. Asphalt Overdrive is the new game which brings out the different type of racing gameplay for the Android, iPhone and iPad users.

This game could be said as the endless racing game as it offers you some new controls variation and make you do crazy fun within the gameplay. Now on the Asphalt Overdrive you can smash through the cars of others plus you can also overtake the police cars and also could make takedowns to other cars. You can play with your friends, compete with them, break the records, avoid the obstacles, and also could challenge the bosses which you will find in the game.

List of features of Asphalt Overdrive:

  • You can unlock the 30 high-performance cars like the Lamborghini Countach and Ferrari Testarossa
  • You can even upgrade your vehicle to win the streets of California
  • There are 7 different mission types which you can play like Escape the cops, defeat bosses, avoid obstacles, and also you could try impressive stunts when you are in a race
  • Southern California gives you great visual display with amazing scenes
  • You would be able to enjoy the old kind of weather in the game
  • The real time particles and stunning effects gives you awesome graphics
  • Also you can connect with your friends to play and compete against them
  • Form a group to achieve the weekly objectives
  • You can show your skills to your friends when you go pro in League championships
  • Play limited-time, Gang, and League events when you start your way up to the leaderboards

This game is available for Android, iPhone and iPad and it will also work on the Windows Phone OS. It should also work on almost all the Windows Phone devices which has the 512MB RAM and above. Download the game for your respective platforms from below provided links.

Download Asphalt OverdriveAndroid | iPhone and iPad | Windows Phone