Download Kitkat Theme for Samsung Galaxy Y S5360

To be frank we can not even think of getting Kitkat on Galaxy Y S5360 officially from Samsung. Never. In its entire life Galaxy Y received only update that upgraded it from Android 2.3 to 2.3.5 Gingerbread. However there are many custom roms that allowed us to enjoy later versions of Android like ICS, JellyBean and even Kitkat. Now, there are many people who actually afraid to install custom ROMs because surely there are chances of bricking the device, if we make a mistake. So, here is another way you can enjoy completely Kitkat like User interface and looks on your Galaxy Y without installing any Custom ROM. This is just a Kitkat Theme that offers you all those stuffs, however you just need to flash it from CWM but that is quite easy and take just couple of minutes. You can check out those few steps here. You can download the Kitkat Them for your phone from this page.

Galaxy Y Kitkat ThemeDownload Kitkat Theme