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Twitter Periscope

Finally twitter has launched its live broadcasting app named Periscope for Android devices as well after launching it for iPhone two months ago. Basically Periscope is a real-time video broadcasting app allowing you to broadcast a video publically or privately. It offers you live experience which means more than a blinking red dot. Broadcast viewers can appreciate the broadcaster by commenting them or by sending message. They can also send likes in form of colorful hearts. However, even Broadcaster can control the audience from whom only they want to get comments or likes.

Along with the above mentioned features Periscope for Android has some additional features listed below .

  • The Application features a material design.
  • Android users have additional granular control over Push notification settings like Android users have granular control over additional Push Notification settings
  • Resume notification so you can keep watching where you left off in case your broadcast gets interrupted (by a phone call or message)
  • Broadcaster can make their broadcast available for replay so viewers can watch later. Replays are saved without requiring the broadcaster to upload files this saves a time and mobile data.
  • Your broadcast will get higher in “most loved” list depending on how many hearts your broadcast gets from viewers.
  • You can also share your broadcast on twitter by tapping on the twitter icon.

You can download the app directly from PlayStore or get its Apk from links given below.

Twitter PeriscopeDownload APK | Download from PlayStore