Download PS4 Remote Play app APK

Sony’s new app PS4 Remote Play is now available for Xperia Z3 series, including Sony Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 compact and the Z3 Tablet Compact devices. Last month, Sony has published the app on the play store for the consumers of Z3 series to take advantage and now, Sony also replied that Z2 series will also be receiving the app in future.

PS4 remote play app let’s you connect your Xperia Z3 smartphone or tablet to the Wi-Fi network at home with high speed streaming speed. It streams the PS4 games from PS4 to your Remote controller (Smartphone or Tablet with Remote play app installed) and DualShock 4 controller of PS4 can be used to control and play the game, there are many different accessories in Sony’s store which you can check out.

Sony has also managed to reveal the information that their most of the devices will receive this app for better experience, but have to wait for the actual app. There is pre-requisites for the app that a user must have to get started with The actual Remote play app, these pre-requisites contains PS4 console, DualShock 4 controller, High-speed internet connection for faster streaming and the Wi-Fi Router (5GHz connection or specific Wi-Fi bands) for connecting each and every device in their home network for better experience.

Sony has a clip-on mount that lets you hold both the phone/tablet and controller together. This time Sony has really put up some efforts for Gamers so they can play anytime anywhere within the Wi-Fi Range without having to think about the TV. Last but not the least Consumers of PS4 must update their console to the latest version which brings increased hardware stability and functionality for PS4..

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