Download Truedialer APK

Truecaller has launched its new app known as Truedialer for Android, so android users can download it from GooglePlay Store or else we have integrated the link below from the company’s official website. This app actually does support both Windows phone and Android, whereas for Windows Phone it was available long time back. The Truedialer app can provide the information about the contacts that has been stored by the user or else while dialing the contact it will pop with some information representing the number’s owner if it has the required information within its contact list or from Truecaller’s database.

It is different from the normal dialing app, there is a feature that warns users from spammers and other bad sectors. The Truedialer scans its database if there are any customer that has complained about any particular number in past than it’ll save you by warning. So it takes users to the next level by providing them with important information before dialing. Truecaller and Truedialer are totally different where in Truecaller app the user used to receive information about the incoming calls and they use it for blocking any type of unknown numbers, whereas Truedialer exposes you to the information about whom they are going to call.

Features of Truedialer:

  • Fast, Accurate results and easy to prefer
  • Automatically collects information about a number you are dialing and alerts you from spammers
  • Get access to over  1 billion contacts with Truecaller’s database
  • Quick dial for calling favorite contacts with T9 search (predictive text)
  • Truecaller integrates both contacts and dialer into the single app
  • Automatically fills up missing contact information in your call log

Download the app for Android from the link given below.

Truedialer AppTruedialer APK