Download Telegram Messenger for Computer

Telegram is a new Mobile messaging app booming around now a days. Most of people are considering it as the best alternative of Whatsapp and other messengers such as WeChat, Line, etc. Well, they are correct to some extent because Telegram offers many such stuffs which are not available in WhatsApp such as upto 1 GB file transfer directly from the app, it allows creating Groups upto 200 friends, and many more such features. You can get the complete detail about Telegram in this article. If you are using this messenger, you might be loving it too surely. And if you like Telegram on your mobile, you will surely want to use it on your Computer as well, like many of us use WhatsApp on computer.

Earlier i posted Telegram app for Nokia Symbian Mobiles. Today i brought you the same for your Windows or Mac OS or Linux desktops. You can download the installer from this page, it is just 5.70MB in size. Installer is just like all other installations you do your computer. And the User interface is really very simple to use. But still if you need any help with this Telegram Desktop Version, check our tutorial. Hope you enjoy it. If you have any problem or need any more help, feel free to use the comments box below. We are Happy to help you.

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