Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies +10 Trainer

Company of Heroes 2: The Western Front Armies is yet another part of well know war game series Company of Heroes. Developed by Relic and released by SEGA this is a Real-Time  Strategy game released for PC consoles. It is a multiplayer game taking us back to the Western Front. The gameplay is quite with with stunning graphics. As per developer there are several new stuffs provided in the game such as new infantry over vehicles, new capacity and upgrades to control our units. They have also introduced US Forces and the German Oberkommando West as new content along with 8 completely new maps with a new progression system allowing customization options to gamers.

You will surely love The Western Front Armies if you have played earlier Company of Heroes series. To make the game more interesting you can download +10 Trainer from here in a single click that will offer you stuffs like Inf. Health, Inf. Ammo, Inf. Manpower, Max Cash and Points. You just need to download the trainer, extract and launch it, minimize the same and then launch the Game. that’s it. Now get all those stuffs with a tap of function keys.

Company of Heroes 2 The Western Front Armies Trainer[wpdm_file id=350 template=”bluebox ” ]