Marvel Heroes Online Client

Marvel heroes is a game played by a number of action lovers. Its one of the top multiplayer game played online. Fight through the stages, accomplish tasks and unlock various characters like Iron Man, Captain America, Deadpool and Wolverine. As you unlock each stage you get stronger. Every character has its own 3 power trees and its own styles and mechanism to play the game. The game involves point strategy which you would come to know when you start with it. You can use the crafting systems which would let your upgrade the costume, artifacts, gear of your character in the game. Enjoy the beta testing wherein there is a player vs. player combat. As you proceed through the game you would view several different locations like Avengers towers, Hell’s kitchen, Manhattan, New Jersey docks and many other places.

Choose from more that 100 character from the Marvel Universe and fight your way through the game. It’s a wonderfully designed game to provide a very good and interactive user interface. The game is currently available for Microsoft windows and would be soon launched for OS X. you would require a save game file in case your mission fails as you would not like to go through the entire game again. To download the save game you need to just click on the link below.

marvel_heroesDownload Marvel Heroes Online Client